After 3 years of essays, work experience placements, volunteering and pondering the question ‘what do you do with an English Literature degree?’ I graduated in 2011 feeling more than a little confused. Thrust out into the world of endless job applications, sleeping until 1pm and eating baked beans straight from the can, I decided to stop dwelling on what I thought I should be doing with my degree (becoming a teacher) and start thinking about what I really wanted out of a career.LBF

This led me into a career in marketing; I wanted to work in something client-facing that would also give me that chance to put my degree to good use. I started off in direct marketing, making email and letter campaigns which I sadly found didn’t excite or stimulate me. I knew that I wanted to be in the forefront of the marketing industry, to be involved in something current, exciting and ever evolving. I wanted to get into  digital.

So I made the tough decision to leave my job and take on an internship at STEAK. It was risky, but I wanted to start from the beginning and learn everything I needed to in order to pursue a career in PPC. And what a great decision it was! At the end of my internship I was offered a full time role and haven’t looked back since. Now I spend my days working in a fun, fast-paced agency, putting my analytical and written skills into practice, dealing with clients and soaking up as much knowledge of the industry as possible. I’ve come a long way in 7 months but in the ever developing world of digital, I’m constantly learning – which I love.

My days normally start delayed somewhere on the Northern Line. After a speedy walk up to the office, I check my emails, run my daily reports and tackle the tea run. My mum always told me that the best way to win people over is make them a good cup of tea (it’s a Liverpool thing) and I put this into full force when I first started. It seems to have stuck and I can now carry 4 cups of tea at once. If that’s not a skill, I don’t know what is!

Settling down with my cuppa for a 9 o’clock start, I then take a further look into the account to make sense of which areas have been particularly profitable and which haven’t. Following this I plan my optimisations to maximise areas that have generated a lot of revenue and pull back on spend in failing areas. I also look into different tests we’ve been running on the campaigns to see how these are affecting performance and report back on these to the client.

Depending on the day of the week or time of the month, I then spend time working on weekly or monthly reports which need sending out to our clients. I remember having nightmares about Excel Pivot Tables in the first few weeks but thankfully I’ve now got my head around them and we’ve managed to make friends.

Lunch is usually spent with a gang of girls from the office, either trawling around the many amazing shops that are right on our doorstep or arguing over where to get lunch from. We really are spoiled for choice. After much indecisiveness and disagreement we usually settle on something from Pret and head to the park to soak up the sun – I’m making the most of the weather while I can!

Afternoons are usually spent doing more account optimisations such as search query and placement reports before turning my attention to ad hoc tasks for the clients, addressing projects that are currently being worked on and liaising with our Google and Yahoo reps. This can be in regard to anything from ad copy tests to optimising our display and remarketing campaigns; it always varies. I also take this time to help my Account Manager with tasks that need attention, such as helping put slides together for Quarterly presentations. This is one of my favourite jobs – I love putting together and delivering client presentations.

The end of the day is always spent replying to emails and tying up any loose ends so that I can come in prepared the following morning. And what better way to end the day than a quick drink over at the pub?